BuzzFeed Magazine

BuzzFeed Hack Week, 2021

BuzzFeed Hack Week 2021 happened remotely, while we continued to work from our apartments or houses. A few of us teamed up to create a magazine - a physical counterpart to BuzzFeed's viral website - to reimagine how we might enable people to consume and digest information, facilitate social interactions, and foster meaningful offline relationships.

We explore magazine as a vehicle for connections in various forms - an activity workbook, a catalyst for social interactions, and a keepsake.

A twist to one of our most popular vertical - quizzes, allows users to "choose their own adventure" - quite literally. Our vision is that readers can scratch off the coating covering the quiz results.

On the right, we incorporated conversation points and artifacts that potentially accompany them. The example page shows a social game, Never Have I Ever, where each player can fill out the wheel according to their answers to the prompts provided. After the game has concluded, everyone gets a piece of memory captured in their respective cards, which can serve as a memento of the time passed.

We also considered building communication channels between our readers and us. We had designed a postcard insert, which readers can use to writer letters and ask questions to our leadership. With this, we're looking to foster authentic exchanges with our audience.

Our Hack Week project won an award for "The Most Creative Theft of Company Time".